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Blind Channel

Love or hate Blind Channel lyrics for the song Dark Side, this band is headed to Rotterdam for Eurovision 2021 with the song that won Uden Musiikin Kilapilu – the country’s national selection for the contest. Having beat six other strong competitors to earn their spot at Eurovision with their standalone single, it’s not the first time the group has featured on Finnish charts. They’re actually Finnish Grammy nominees, there’s a scholarship set up in their honour and they are record breakers. There’s a lot more to this band than meets the eye.

Blind Channel believes that now is the time to bring their “violent pop” genre to the global stage. Members Niko Vilhelm (vocals), Joel Hakka (vocals and guitar), Olli Matela (bass), Joonas Porko (guitar), Aleksi Kaunisvesi (keyboard) and Tommi Lalli (drums) have spent several years honing their skills on the Finnish underground scene and they’re ready to put on a show with unparalleled antics and energy like Finland has never before seen.

Blind Channel Finnish metal band

Blind Channel What's Wrong Lyrics Pave The Way To Fame

The band’s debut album, Revolutions, was released on October 1, 2016, with the popular song, What’s Wrong. While it didn’t feature on local charts, the song seems to have paved the way for their Eurovision journey. No doubt the line “I can’t win and I don’t want to lose” will be going through their minds in the run-up to the competition.

But it’s their number one song, Dark Side, that’s got people talking. It’s clocked up over 2 million listens on Spotify – the Eurovision entry with the highest number of listens on the app, and the song that scored them a landslide victory in UMK 2021.

Interesting Facts About The Band

The band was founded in 2013 and has released three studio albums to date. Their style is a mash-up of rap, metal and electronic music. They recorded the first version of Dark Side during the COVID pandemic and they see at as an anthem for everyone that feels frustrated by lockdown.

The group is a tight-knit squad, having no departures or breakups since they were formed. Blind Channel have also created their own sub-genre, “violent pop,” a mixture of heavy metal and pop. But the band say there’s more to their music than being angry and waving middle fingers. Through their music, they express their feelings and tell stories.

Blind Channel Finnish metal band

Finnish Grammy Nominees

Finland’s version of the Grammys is called the Emma Gala Awards. It’s a prestigious event designed to recognise the country’s talent. In 2018, Blind Channel was nominated for the Rock of The Year category for the album, Blood Brothers. While they didn’t win, the band has continued to enjoy popularity amongst locals and global fans alike, especially with their latest album, Violent Pop, released in 2020.

Although Blind Channel is a Finnish rock group, they’ve always performed in English. They admit it’s a risky move, but they’ve stuck to their guns and it might just have worked as they head off to Rotterdam in May 2021 for Eurovision. As UKM record breakers, this band is certain to continue along a successful career path.

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