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Best Finnish Rock Bands Hitting The Charts


the Best Finnish Rock Bands Ever

Coming up with a list of the best metal and rock bands from Finland is a herculean task. Finnish music is renowned for deviating from the mainstream, with plenty of unique twists dabbed onto an established genre. But there’s no denying that this is one of the most rock and metal countries on our planet. It’s not uncommon to tune into a Finnish radio station and hear a pop song followed by a heavy metal number. There’s just no other scene like it, and we’re here to bring you everything you need to know about Finnish rock and metal.

From the best Finnish rock bands of all time to those who deserve greater recognition, we’ve got you covered. Finland has an incredible amount of talent, and we’ve spent our time compiling a list of the best artists and bands to come out of the Nordic country.

the best Finnish rock and metal groups

The Most Well-Known Finnish Rock Groups

We all have our favourites, but some Finnish bands are just better known than others. Take Nightwish. With or without their old vocalist (Tarja Turunen), this band is one of the most loved rock sensations to come out of Finland.

For hardcore fans of rock and metal, we have to mention Sonata Arctica, a power metal and hard rock band that was originally called Tricky Beans. They changed their name to Tricky Means, finally settling on Sonata Arctica when they shifted towards power metal.

Rock Has The Power To Heal

Gothic rock band, HIM, hails from Helsinki. They got together in 1991, broke up in 1993 and got back together in 1995. Die-hard fans believe this band have the power to heal. Not only are they a lovely group of humans, but they’re serious about their success.

The Rasmus is another big hit rock band from Helsinki that formed in 1994. The members were still in school when they got together, but since they started, this band has enjoyed huge success in Finland and abroad and have released 20 musical videos during their career.

Finnish rock music 2021

Finnish Metal Rocks, Too

Finland latched onto the extreme metal scene early, churning out savage death metal that is still a hallmark of many groups. Power metal is another genre that continues to rock the Finnish music scene, as is folk metal, which was introduced by the band, Amorphis in the early 1990s when they mixed death metal with traditional folk music, producing songs like “Nuclear Blast.”

Some of the number one Finnish metal bands continue to incorporate folk music in their works, like Turisas who use accordion and violin along with Viking stories to create interesting pieces. Whether you’re into metal or want to know about the best Finnish rock bands, we’ve got it all right here.