Blind Channel Digs Into The Archives Of Our Music

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by Hemron/ on 20 Nov 2022

Blind Channel Digs Into The Archives Of Our Music

In 2006 Finland had its first-ever Eurovision Song Contest win when hard rock outfit, Lordi, took “Hard Rock Hallelujah” to the top with the biggest winning score ever. To celebrate, they hosted a free concert in Helsinki, during which they broke a world record when 80,000 people sang Karaoke to their winning song.

Remembering some of our greatest musical achievers

Amongst a long and growing list, here are some recent highlights. In 1994 a group of four upper comprehensive schoolmates in Helsinki formed The Rasmus, a rock band that still operates and even participated in the 2022 Eurovision Song Contest. In 2003 their “In the Shadows” became the most-played song on MTV Europe for 2005.

They also reached positions in the Top 10 of 11 different countries, including Nr. 1 in Germany and New Zealand. With only five million people, Finland has a surprising number of very good rock and heavy metal bands. Finland seems to be a rich and fertile ground for rock and hard rock acts.

Blind Channel, keeping you informed on the Finnish music scene

Keep following Blind Channel, and we’ll keep you in the know regarding your favourite and notable new rock and hard rock bands from our own talented stock. This was a look at the recent history of popular music in Finland, only on Blind Channel, where we celebrate the unique sounds of Finland.