Finnish Rock Band Eurovision Entrants Set To Rock

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by Hemron/ on 29 Apr 2021

Finnish Rock Band Eurovision Entrants Set To Rock

Finnish Rock Band Eurovision Entrants Set To Rock

Finland is renowned for metal and rock. From pop-rock band, Sunrise Avenue to death metal group, Children of Bodom, Finnish rock bands continue to soar in popularity. But the country has a rocky history when it comes to Eurovision. 2021 might be set to change all that, though, as one of the hottest Finnish rock band Eurovision entrants is none other than Blind Channel.

Whether you consider them rock, metal or “violent pop” as they describe themselves, Finnish band, Blind Channel won this year’s “Uuden Musiikin Kilpailu” – the country’s competition for selecting Eurovision contestants. Now they’re set to go up against 40 other acts next month in Rotterdam. But they aren’t the first Finnish band to enter Eurovision.

Has A Finnish Band Ever Won Eurovision?

It might surprise you to hear that while Finland’s history with Eurovision is somewhat rocky (pun intended), the country has produced some big winners. In 2006, hard rock and heavy metal band, Lordi, walked away the winners.

Their song, “Hard Rock Hallelujah” not only won the competition but also reached the top of the singles chart in Finland and made the UK’s Top 40 at number 25. It wasn’t just the most popular song of the year, but Lordi quickly became the most popular Finnish rock band Eurovision had seen.

The Best Finnish Rock Band Eurovision Competitors

Lordi isn’t the only band to make a name for themselves at Eurovision. Finnland has sent a number of big acts to the competition over the years since they debuted in 1961. While Lordi was the first to win for the country, there have been other notable bands.

• Marion Rung – placed sixth in 1973 with “Tom Tom Tom.”
• Anneli Saaristo – placed seventh in 1989 with “La Dolce Vita.”
• Terasbetoni – placed 22nd in 2008 with “Missa miehet ratsastaa.”

Ready To Rock Eurovision 2021

Finland has placed high hopes on Blind Channel for this year’s competition. The world hasn’t seen a Finnish band of this quality since Lordi shocked the audience with their horror metal genre in 2006, but it scored them a win.

Having competed in the contest since 1961, with just the one win, we think it’s time a Finnish rock band scooped number one again as they show off their love for vigorous vocals and distorted guitars. At least we don’t have long to wait for the Eurovision Song Contest 2021!